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In December of 1951 the first national magazine devoted to skin diving and scuba diving was released. Over 60 years later, the world of scuba diving has grown from the passion and ever-seeking curiosity of adventurers to new generations with the same spirit. As scuba diving has developed with innovation and brave efforts, so has Skin Diver to discover new depths of the sea and those who explore it.

These waters are magic. Though specific travel experiences will differ from area to area in the Caribbean, they will all have a few things in common: generally balmy climate, exquisitely warm, clear water; breathtaking beauty, both above and below the surface; and a sense of tropical adventure.

Dive the East Coast of the United States, Tropical Atlantic, Central Caribbean, Leeward Isles of the Eastern Caribbean, Southern Caribbean, Western Americas, Central Pacific, South Pacific, Western Pacific, Coral Sea, Southeast Asia, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, South Africa and more.

When people think of Pacific diving, the first things that pop into their minds are exquisitely beautiful tropical islands, clear, warm water and lush coral reefs—populated by colorful fish and visited by awesome pelagics. While you can’t go wrong with that concept, Pacific diving…

Live on Location

Whales of the Silver Bank
Al Hornsby joins Peter Hughes for a magical Humpback Whale encounter.
The Cabo Summer Dive Fiesta
Skin Diver's editors are on a mission to dive in and join the fun.
Adventure in Palau
Explore the winding channels of the Rock Islands with Stuart and Michele Westmorland.
Back in Bermuda Again
Bermuda is a true island paradise. Located less than 600 miles from New York and on the same parallel as Cape Hatteras, NC.
Cayman Tek
Deco time in Cayman? You bet. The queen of Caribbean diving has opened her arms to the tek set.
Little Cayman Fun
This unique sub-aquatic topography of lush shallow reefs cascading into dramatic vertical walls.
Off the Wall in Palau
There's more to diving in Palau than high-voltage walls. Join our photo team on a trip to discover all these islands have to offer.