Capt. Dan Berg’s Delaware Maryland & Virginia Chart of Shipwrecks

By Michelle Danner

Capt. Dan Berg’s Delaware Maryland & Virginia Chart of Shipwrecks, by Captain Dan Berg, Aqua Explorers Inc. (516) 868-2658,

Every time I look at one of Captain Dan Berg’s maps I feel like going on a treasure hunt. Printed on thick parchment paper, Capt. Berg’s latest map, Delaware Maryland & Virginia, once again captures the essence of the sea with each brush stroke. Covering waters from the southern tip of New Jersey to the northern part of South Carolina, the map depicts the locations of more than 45 shipwrecks. The antique look makes it a perfect gift for any diver, fisherman, history buff or anyone who loves the ocean. Hang it up in your office-it’ll make you feel like a true sailor.

Coral Seas, Firefly Books,

The last time I dove, it occurred to me that you can miss something spectacular in a split second. During that last dive, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. When I turned to look, a Mobula Ray swept past me and disappeared into the abyss without a sound. My buddy, just a few feet in front of me, had missed the encounter. If my buddy could miss something as large as a ray, think of the micro communities and critters you miss every time you dive. In Coral Seas, Roger Steene doesn’t miss a thing. With more than 300 images photographed in the Red Sea, off the coast of Australia, Singapore and Indonesia, Steene captures the beauty of the underwater world, from microscopic to topside. Steene educates divers and marine-life enthusiasts with pictures and words. Each photo is coupled with informative paragraphs, leaving the reader both breathless and more knowledgeable about the coral seas.

Reef Life 2001, photographs by Denise Nielsen Tackett and Larry Tackett, Microcosm

Photographed by longtime Skin Diver contributors Denise Nielsen Tackett and Larry Tackett, the images for the Reef Life 2001 calendar were selected from their previously published book, Reef Life: Natural History and Behaviors of Marine Fishes and Invertebrates. Each month a colorful and exotic locale reminds you it’s always a good time for a dive vacation.

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