Years ago, the father of scuba diving, Jacques Cousteau, proclaimed the Red Sea to be a “corridor of marvels.” Bordering the harshness of the vast Egyptian desert, the richness of the Red Sea stands out in marked contrast as the waters support more than 100 species of coral and in excess of 1,000 species of fishes. Huge sea fans and vibrant soft corals adorn vertical walls. Encounters with schools of jacks, majestic Manta Rays, Napolean Wrasse, large groupers, tunas, Oceanic Whitetip Sharks and a variety of reef sharks provide some world class excitement. Ever present lionfishes, angelfishes, butterflyfishes, tangs, anemone fishes and color splashed groupers along with untold numbers of invertebrates give macro photographers plenty of first class subject matter.

Featuring the national park of Ras Muhammed, just south of Sharm el Sheikh and Naama Bay, most of the diving in the Sinai is enjoyed on the walls bordering the east coast of this world-famous peninsula. Many other excellent sites are accessible from land from the city of Hurghada, however, live-aboards provide the best access to more remote locations and the most thrilling dives in the Straits of Tiran and at The Brothers.