The northernmost island of The Bahamas, Walker’s Cay is privately owned and quite small. An airstrip, small hotel, private rental villas and marina provide access to the aquatic treasures that surround the island. Highly regarded as a sportfishing paradise, Walker’s Cay is also home to some incredible diving. The island is only three-quarters of a mile long and a quarter mile across. For those seeking a vacation focused on watersports, Walker’s Cay is the place to be.

Just a short distance off the island’s northern shore are the deep waters of the southwest Atlantic.

This is responsible for the large number of shark species that attend Walker’s Cay shark dives and why fishermen value the island as a base for deep sea adventures.The reefs around the Cay tend to be shallow, but offer great topographic interest, along with curiously carved cavern systems. There are also some deep canyons and a few wrecks for divers to explore.

Although Walker’s receives much of the fanfare, one of the largest Bahamian islands lies just to the south, Great Abaco Island. The small cays that surround Abaco have the feel of a tropical New England, a legacy they share with other early settling points of displaced British Loyalists during the Revolutionary War. There are shipbuilding islands, islands with no motorized vehicles and other classic and distinctive reminders of an era long past. Great Abaco itself introduced their first stoplight, the only one outside of New Providence or Grand Bahama, only a few years ago. The diving is generally shallow, features caverns, lots of friendly fish and a newly developed shark experience.