The most isolated bank of The Bahamas, the Cay Sal bank, sits just off the north central coast of Cuba. These mostly uninhabited, rocky islets serve as home base to a few itinerant Bahamian fishermen and feature truly remote and pristine diving. Blue holes and shallow reefs, combined with vertigo-inducing walls washed in the clear waters of the Gulf Stream, create incredible dive sites.

Cay Sal is not your normal dive area. The ratio of land space to ocean space within The Bahamas gives visiting divers tremendous potential for marine exploration and this is one of the great outside edges of The Bahamas. Visited only via live-aboard dive vessels, divers dropping into these waters have the opportunity to view sites that have rarely felt the presence of a divers hand or fin. The rarity of human visitors allows an honest and true interaction between human and inhabitants of the ocean.

Shallow areas give divers the chance to view marine life with an extended amount of time underwater. Deep walls and blue holes offer visitors unique experiences and the opportunity to see things few divers ever will.