The Bahamas offer a wealth of dive activities. For divers that crave big animal encounters, dolphins and sharks interactions can be guaranteed on a near daily basis. In addition, Pilot Whales, Dolphinfish (mahi-mahi), Whale Sharks, billfish and virtually anything else on the oceanic viewing menu is likely to traverse these waters.

Shallow reefs? The Bahamas has several huge banks of shallow sand flats dotted with and surrounded by coral heads and reefs, which provide literally thousands of miles of diving territory. Vertigo inducing walls?

This is one of the mainstays of Bahamian diving. Visitors can travel to each and every island perched on both the edge of the Bahamas Bank, as well as atop the pinnacles and seamounts to the southeast and plummet over the tops of walls and into the depths. Wrecks? From the wrecks on Devil’s Backbone to Wreck City off New Providence there are hundreds of life-encrusted hulks strewn throughout the islands. For the more adventuresome, the Bahamas’ Blue Holes offer a unique cavern experience for open water divers and an exploratory challenge for certified cave divers.

Bahamian diving, whether on a reef, wall, wreck or blue hole, is also rich with life. Fish, invertebrates and marine mammals-from the largest to the smallest of the sea’s creatures-can be experienced here.

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