Few animals in the ocean inspire the sense of joy and honest interaction as that found in the exchange between dolphins and humans. It is a simple ocean ballet, diver and dolphin circling and twirling around each other, peering into each other’s eyes, the humor of their exaggerated response to our awkward motion. And within this, we find a sense of understanding and interspecies communication.

Experiences with wild dolphins can be very rare and remain a dream for most divers. In The Bahamas, however, the dream easily becomes reality. In the open ocean, the species of dolphin that allows humans to approach the closest are Atlantic Spotted Dolphins. Smaller than the more well-known Bottlenose Dolphin, they are gregarious and apparently find great joy in playing with humans. Experiences tend to be longer and more intimate when using only snorkel equipment, since they offer the user more freedom of motion. Pods of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins are found north of Grand Bahama, just off North Bimini’s northern shore and off Orange Cay at the southern end of the Bimini chain.

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