Aside from New Providence, Grand Bahama has the most well developed tourism infrastructure in the Bahamas. Driven by tourism, lumber, shipping and other commercial endeavors, development has left the island with a quality road system and many canals and marinas that support the high level of service and easy access visitors have come to expect. In Freeport and Port Lucaya, casinos, large hotels, busy beaches, fancy restaurants and excellent shopping are accented by unique local bars, intimate restaurants and a Bahamian sense of fun.

A mecca for all kinds of watersports, Grand Bahama is also home to some of the country’s premier dive operations, which offer world class shark diving and dolphin encounters. There are shallow reefs around Freeport that are rich with fish life and Theo’s Wreck is off Grand Bahama. The largest in the country, it is also considered one of the best wreck dives available.

Topside, a road trip to the east end, will take visitors through local communities, and the Bahamas Natural Trust parks. These parks are responsible for preserving both the natural environment and the local culture of Grand Bahama.