Shark encounters in the Bahamas have introduced thousands upon thousands of divers to the one of the ocean’s apex predators. In the process, they have helped dispelled the myths of sharks as savage, blood thirty killers and revealed instead a fascinating member of the larger food chain. Although the practice of diving with sharks has spread around the world, it was an idea born and nourished in the Bahamas. And today, more people participate in shark dives here than anywhere else.

Shark dives are most often feeding dives, where a trained and experienced “shark wrangler” offers tasty morsels of fish to a swarming horde of Caribbean Reef Sharks, often numbering two dozen or more. One of the best known operators for a variety can be found on the Dive Travel Specials area at Divers sitting a safe distance away on the sea floor get to watch these amazing animals in action. In more than 30 years of Bahamas shark diving, it is estimated that well over a quarter million divers have experienced this thrilling adventure. In all that time, it has proven to be an adrenaline pumping adventure, but one that is extremely safe.

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