Skin diving, snorkeling, free diving - whatever you call it, swimming with a simple mask, snorkel and fins is one of the best ways to explore what Jacques Cousteau called the silent world. The absence of scuba bubbles makes for an especially quiet and stealthy viewer, allowing the opportunity to see marine life that might normally be scared off by a noisy diver. And, anyone who can float on the surface of the water is a prime candidate for snorkeling. It’s easy, relaxing and rewarding.

The islands of The Bahamas lend themselves nicely to the pleasures of snorkeling. Fly in, check in and dive in. The ocean is only steps away. Many resorts and dive operations have dedicated snorkeling vessels, snorkeling gear and snorkel trips. Knowledgeable instructors are also widely available and can guide visitors to the best portions of the reef, and provide information on marine life.

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