The wrecks of the Bahamas represent several centuries worth of maritime tragedy. Remnants of Spanish galleons, inter-island freighters, sailboats, airplanes-everything from wooden fragments, cannons and anchors to intact contemporary wrecks-can be found here. Some were the victim of hurricanes, others the victim of poor navigation and others still have been intentionally placed as movie sets or a playground for divers

The sharp edge of the shallow reef referred to as the Devil’s Backbone on the north end of Eleuthera has torn the hull out of innumerable vessels over the years.

New Providence has become a favored underwater studio for Hollywood and boasts perhaps the greatest concentration of wrecks. Most of these are artificial reefs on the island’s southwest corner in an area rapidly becoming known as Wreck City. Bimini has a great deep wreck, the Bimini Barge, and a great shallow wreck, the Sapona. There is also Grand Bahama’s famous Theo’s Wreck, the Hesperus, known for its dozens of Loggerhead Turtles, and the San Jacinto off the Abacos for divers to explore. Suffice it to say that the casual wreck diver will find plenty of opportunities to view proud vessels at their final resting place.

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