a warm-water shipwreck capital, its has to be Bermuda. The shallow reefs that encircle this tiny archipelago are studded with more than 500 shipwrecks dating from the 1500s to the 1990s.

Bermuda is situated in the Atlantic Ocean 650 miles off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. It's as far north as Dallas Texas, yet enjoys a subtropical climate, clear waters, and thriving coral reefs. All of this is made possible by the Gulf Stream currents that bathe the island with its northeast flow and insulate the island from the cold weather that often affects the eastern United States. Bermuda is to the East Coast what Hawaii is to California *except closer. Air time from New York or Boston is less than 2 hours.

Bermuda's natural beauty is no match for the many low scrubby limestone islands of the Caribbean. The hilly landscapes, shear limestone cliffs, patented pink beaches, and lush vegetation are unforgettable. Bermudians are proud of their island and take care of it like a home. The population mix of British and African descent get along better than anywhere in the Americas and Bermuda touts the highest standard of living in the Western Hemisphere. A modern day enigma, Bermuda has no billboards, high rises, neon signs, or bright lights*and the speed limit is still only 20 mph !

Bermuda's high season is in the summer from May through October. The seas are calmest then and the water temp ranges from 79 to 82 degrees F. But the best visibility is during the cooler winter months. Winter good news is no crowds; the not so great news is you'll need a 5 mm wetsuit. Scuba.com has wetsuits and drysuits to fit any thermal diving condition. Winter water temperatures dip into the low 60s.

Diving conditions in Bermuda are generally well suited for beginner to highly experienced divers. Most sites are shallow and have minimal currents. Bermuda is also an excellent choice for open water check-outs, full certification courses, or resort courses. Boat runs to most wrecks are normally 10 to 40 minutes.


Shipwreck Certificate Program
As if the thrill of diving world-class wrecks was not enough incentive to visit Bermuda, the island's dive operators offer specially designed, complimentary certificates to those who dive on any one of 18 designated wrecks. The program allows divers the opportunity to collect 18 special certificates during a single trip. Each certificate provides the shipwreck's name, a brief history and pre-sinking silhouette on parchment-style paper. After a day of diving one or more of the featured wrecks, your dive operator will present the proper certificate(s), complete with your name and the date. The wrecks on the map above were selected for their historic and/or photogenic attributes.




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