Booby Pond Nature Reserve:

The National Trust has set aside 203 acres of a saltwater lagoon on Little Cayman as the Booby Pond Nature Reserve. This area is host to 20,000 rare Red-Footed Boobies, the Caribbean's largest known nesting colony. It is also host to a colony of Magnificent Frigates (200 pairs). You can observe these birds, without disturbing them, from the visitors center, using high-powered telescopes. Each evening before sunset these birds put on a dramatic "dog-fight" style airshow.
Owen Island:
This serene, privately owned, 11-acre island is just 200 yards off the southwest end of Little Cayman. Surrounded by a sandy beach, it makes a perfect day trip and picnic site. The snorkeling is great, as is the beachcombing. Bonefishing will entice visiting anglers.
East Point:
The easternmost point on Little Cayman, this area is wide open and undeveloped. It will feel as if your nearest neighbor might be on Cayman Brac, which is visible, five miles across the water to the east.
Point of Sand:

Point of Sand (or Sandy Point) is an expanse of pristine beach at the southeast end of the island. The pink sand here is a perfect place to picnic and a great launching pad for snorkel excursions into the shallow water offshore, where you can visit with Little Caymans wet-life.
Salt Rock Nature Trail:
This mile-long nature trail through Little Cayman's interior provides
close-up views of the island's exotic flora and fauna, including many endemic species. A highlight is a large freshwater underground cave system. It is historically known as the "Pirate's Well." There are hosted nature walks along the trail on Sunday mornings.