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   by Fred D. Garth

"Garth on the sat phone in Costa Rica."

A professional journalist since 1980, Fred D. Garth has been crafting dive travel articles for more than 15 years. He's held editor's positions at a variety of magazines including, Skin Diver, Southern Diver, Scuba Times and DeepTech Journal. In 1995, Garth helped launch the first online diving magazine, Scuba Times Online. His ground-breaking live web article in 1998 using a housed digital camera, lap top computer, satellite telephone and a modified wire coat hanger, allowed Internet potatoes to sit at home and follow a diving expedition at Cocos Island, 350-miles off of Costa Rica's pacific coast. A full-time writer living in Florida, Garth claims to be a registered voter. His last article for Skin Diver Online was "Scuba Trek Through the Florida Keys" in 1999.

Skin Diver Online presents
C A Y M A N     T E K

In the old days, before nitrox and comfortable wet suits, the Cayman Islands and technical diving got along like palm trees in Alaska. Didn't happen. However, in more recent years, the tekkie wave has begun to sweep across these idyllic isles. Today, it's full blown. They have rebreathers, nitrox and wreck dives to 260 feet on helium-infused gases. And there's even a rumor that a Frenchman is going to attempt an open circuit dive 800 feet to the wreck of the Kirk Pride. Yikes!

With this kind of speculation swarming around we had to investigate further. For the next three days, our man, writer/photographer and tek-head Fred Garth will be live in the Cayman Islands to discover the real poop. Mr. Garth's only instructions are to find as many was as possible to accumulate and then off gas a healthy dose of nitrogen each day.

Wonder if he'll run into any wily divers from France.

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