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Text by Kathy Viola
Photos by Franklin Viola

Kathy, Franklin & Sawyer ViolaBloody Bay, the Cayman Island's most prolific Marine Park, continues to be one of our favorite underwater retreats. If not "Best" in the Caribbean, this unique sub-aquatic topography of lush shallow reefs cascading into dramatic vertical walls is truly the most consistent destination for great diving. Every year Franklin and I charter the Little Cayman Diver II (live-aboard) for a week long adventure filled with fine friends, fair weather and of course, fabulous diving. This trip should prove to be quite an adventure as we have booked a "family" cruise. Sawyer, our 4 year old son, is aboard along with our close friends Alan and Amanda Weisenfeld, and their girls, Phoebe and Anna, 10 and 8 years old respectively. This year, our 13th annual trek, is brought to you on the web compliments of SKIN DIVER Magazine. Over the next week you will be able to swim with us electronically as we spin a tale of adventure and excitement on the reefs and walls of Bloody Bay Marine Park.

Nassau Grouper Nassau Grouper Nassau Grouper

Scarlet Striped Cleaning ShrimpWe choose the Little Cayman Diver II live-aboard on all our adventures to Little Cayman. The main reason is her owner, Winston McDermot. A pioneer in marine conservation, Winston was primary in getting moorings at the dive sites along Bloody Bay and Jackson's Bight. Winston has been building and running boats in the Cayman Islands for over 30 years. Starting in Grand Cayman as a young man, he was the only shore diving operator to use danforth anchors to moor with, thus saving the coral from the damage of the more popular grappling hooks.Jacks In 1977, he moved his family and operation to Cayman Brac and started Brac Aquatics dive shop at The Buccaneers, the island's only hotel. The sites that we dive today were discovered and named by Winston and his staff. The conservation measures he took in Grand Cayman were implemented in his diving operation on her sister islands. Winston headed up the project that placed permanent moorings on Bloody Bay and Jackson' s Bight. Always looking for a better way for divers to experience the reefs, Winston brought the first "diver designed" live-aboard to Little Cayman in 1985.

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