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Day 4

Captains Sawyer & Ossama pilot LCDIILast night the wind picked up, but the LCDII was steady on her mooring with very little motion. We motored over to Randy's Gazebo for the morning dives and discovered a strong current around the mooring. With so many other great sites to choose from we decided not to fight it. Capt. Ossama shared the helm with the "little sailor". Having mastered his raft, Sawyer was ready to move on to bigger boats!

Schoolmaster SnapperIt took little persuasion to tie up again at Mixing Bowl, as one day of diving does not do this site justice. Toting an arsenal of housed cameras and submersible strobes, the boys (Franklin, Alan, Harvey & Russ) swam off to prove their manly hunting prowess. Laughter coming from the snorkels of Amanda and the girls as they observed from above confirmed to us on the LCDII that the arm flailing signals of too many "artists" had disrupted and scattered the herd. Glory filled fish stories of the one that got away was clearly audible when the boys returned to the dive platform.

Nassau Grouper & photographerResting in the main salon, I heard tales of the diving and was regaled with images of Goatfish, Schoolmaster Snapper and Blue-striped grunts schooling about barrel sponges and Purple Seafans. The school of Horse-eye Jacks that had collected beneath the LCDII grew larger with every emerging diver's description. Franklin's digital video gave life to each dive and made me yearn for the birth of my babies so I could once again experience it first hand.

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