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by Casey Mahaney &
Astrid Witte Mahaney

Operating Blue Kirio Travel and Photography, this photographic team specializes in underwater photography and exotic dive travel and have co-authored 10 books on marine life identification and dive travel, along with a vast number of articles for periodicals. Through the years, they have developed a special interest in exploring marine life habitats and identifying and photographing unusual and uncommon species of fish and invertebrates. While spending several months every year traveling on various assignments, they also specialize in organizing and escorting a limited number of live-aboard dive tours to select remote and exotic destinations around the globe.

Having received its share of superlative labels: One of the Seven Wonders of the Diving World, The Marine Life Capital of the Pacific and The Mecca of Diving, it is no secret that Palau's intricate and unique reef system is unsurpassed in diversity anywhere in the world.

And still, many divers who visit Palau, only experience one type of reef zone: The sheer, outer drop offs. While these types of dives are without a doubt thrilling, they only present one type of reef zone and marine life habitat. Since Palau boasts at least 10 different types of marine environments, each one brimming with a distinct array of marine species, we will attempt to explore as many as possible. We'll dive mangrove forests, seagrass beds, mud flats, marine lakes, submarine caves, as well as a few of Palau's current-flushed high voltage walls. Our cameras are prepped, our guides the best, and we are ready.

With the anxious anticipation all dive adventures induce, also comes the questions: Will we find the elusive, yet so stunning, mandarinfish, or perhaps the highly venomous stonefish? Will we get lucky and find the rare Ghost Pipefish or maybe one of those vividly hued Imperial or Harlequin Shrimp? Only bottom time will tell. But, one thing is for sure. We will encounter plenty of the prowling reef sharks Palau is so famous for!

And, dear readers, our top priority through all of this excitement will be to share every adrenaline-dripped minute of it with you. Armed with a digital camera and all the gadgets necessary to take it below, we'll be uploading daily broadcasts to keep you in the loop. Stay tuned for more from the nearly perfect diver's paradise of Palau.



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