The green islands that make up the Indonesian archipelago seem to spring from adventure books. They include huge Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi, as well as smaller Bali, Lombok and Komodo. The waters around these islands seem to spring from divers’ dreams, with their offerings only now being discovered.


Off the coast of Borneo, the islands of Sangalaki, Derawan and Kakaban are the home of pelagic thrills. Here, you will meet Mantas and be treated to numerous turtles. In shallower waters the thriving coral reef will display the best of Southeast Asian tropicals and invertebrates, and cleaning stations, where small wrasses pick parasites off their larger neighbors. Kakaban is also known for Jellyfish Lake. Here a landlocked saltwater lake is home to three species of stingless jellyfish.

Off the upper tip of Sulawesi Island, the waters offer everything from muck diving to distant, live-aboard-accessed pinnacles. Near shore diving brings close-up views of small, brightly colored creatures, such as seahorses, leaf fish, nudibranchs, Mimic Octopus and frogfish. More distant, open ocean areas in the Lembeh Straits harbor barracuda, Horse-eye Jacks and other pelagics.


Famous for its green, volcanic scenery, gentle people, music and dance, the island of Bali also boasts some excellent underwater offerings. Most of the thousands of Indonesian fish species, including Lionfish, are found here, and there is a bountiful supply of exotic invertebrates. Macro photography is a major attraction, and there are forests of Staghorn Coral and gigantic formations of plate corals

Beginning with Lombok, the islands east of Bali take on a slightly different type of flora and fauna—more Australian. The legendary Komodo Dragon also makes its home here. The waters of both Lombok and Komodo feature a coral wonderland, which will dazzle the eyes with shape and color, and a closer look will reveal creatures from the imagination, including snake-like sea cucumbers.

East of Komodo and just off the southeastern tip of Sulawesi, the island of Wakatobi has only come on the dive scene in the last year or so. That means it’s truly unspoiled. Shore diving is the way to do things, and the reefs are diverse and pristine, offering varicolored soft corals, highways of lettuce coral, immense wire corals and giant clams. The reef fish are abundant.

Southeast Asia has always represented the remote, exotic and mysterious, and one of the most exotic parts of this area is Malaysia. However, the mystery is being revealed more and more these days. Malaysia is easy to reach, and the underwater wonders are secrets no more.
Sipadan Island is probably the best known of Malaysia’s dive areas. Off the coast of Borneo, this tiny gem is a true oceanic island, and that’s why the diving is so fantastic. The vibrant coral reefs feature steep drop-offs and host turtles and a wealth of fish, from Mandarin Gobies to Whitetip Reef Sharks.

Not far from Sipadan, Mabul Island rises from the continental shelf. The reef slopes gradually and the depths are mostly shallow. Invertebrates are the highlights here, from colorful nudibranchs, to cute Cuttlefish.

The bustling offshore banking island of Labuan is known as the shipwreck capital of Malaysia. There are broken up vessels from WW II and newer, more intact wrecks. One of the best sites for photography is the Tun Huang. It lies upright in easy depths. The water is usually clear and the wreck’s features make terrific photo backgrounds.


Around the upper tip of Borneo, the atoll of Layang Layang is well known for its thrilling big fish and wall diving. Encounters with Manta Rays and schooling Hammerheads are predictable.

The Malay Peninsula is where most of the country’s tourism takes place, and the waters off its shores are one reason. The waters around the archipelago of Pulau Redang and Tioman Island are marine parks, so the coral reefs are lush and fish are plentiful. Wrecks are also a highlight off Tioman.

Layang Layang Island Resort

As peerless as time as magnificent as the rarest gem, the atoll of Layang Layang, off Sabah, is a dream come true.
Surrounded by the cobalt blue immensity of the sea, the atoll of Layang Layang lies like a precious pearl embedded in turquoise. Its enormous lagoon is surrounded by sheer vertical walls which attract both colorful reef fish and great pelagic.

Layang Layang is more than an international acclaimed underwater treasure - it is man's paradise here on earth.

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