The warm water of the Philippines supports a rich diversity of marine life, and the friendly, English speaking people will make divers feel right at home.


The numerous islands of the Philippines are home to several popular diving areas. Batangas, near Manila, has been a favorite for many years. The amazing and colorful little invertebrates here make Batangas a great area for macro photography.

Farther south, out in the Sulu Sea, the Tubbataha Reefs are a protected marine park. This area offers live-aboard diving only—and even then, only during the period from March to June. But, during those periods, you will find excellent coral reef diving with a wealth of fish.

Moving east from Tubbataha, a hotbed for Philippine diving is located around t he islands of Negros, Cebu and Bohol. The dive operators in this area are experienced and will show you a world of small critters, plus occasional meetings with Hammerhead and Whale Sharks. The protected reef of Apo Island is also a highlight.