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Surrounded by an emerald blue ocean and white sand beaches, Guam is an island of limestone cliffs and volcanic hills rich with waterfalls and a variety of flora and fauna. The perfumed aroma of plumeria, ginger and jasmine permeates the air, and bougainvillea (puti tai nobu) blooms in many shades, lending color and form to the landscape.

Guam has something for everyone. For the romantic, there are coconut palms silhouetted against a calm lagoon reflecting the brilliant hues of a tropical sunset. The athlete can find windsurfing, golf, tennis, sailing, swimming, diving, fishing and more. Those interested in history can visit Guam's beachheads, battle sites, museums and monuments, latte stones and Spanish ruins. Adventurers will be intrigued by the island's dense jungle, hidden caves, boonie stomp treks and incomparable underwater realm. There are also some innovative tours and entertainment experiences, including trekking, kayaking, parasailing, gun shooting, skydiving or going to deep ocean depths in a submarine or semi-submersible craft. Guam also offers a variety of night life activities that range from sunset dinner cruises to spectacular shows, as well as dog races and night clubs.

For more information, visit the official Guam website at www.visitguam.org.

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