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Known as the Land of the Sleeping Lady, Kosrae is the easternmost Micronesian island and the second largest. Kosrae has been described as an unblemished garden of flowers, palms and citrus trees. Adventure beckons those wanting to truly get away from it all.

Steeped in history, the island is ripe for exploration. There are mysterious ancient ruins of the forefathers of the Kosraean people. World War II artifacts and cave systems abound, and there's even a pirate ship sunk beneath the waves.
The mangroves of Kosrae are some of the most amazing in the world. In some places they form a high jungle canopy where rivers flow below and channels rise and fall with the tides. Immense root systems and myriad animal and plant life thrive in these complicated ecosystems. There is also a marine preserve on Kosrae where juvenile creatures are allowed to flourish unmolested by humans. Not all of Kosrae is paved, and villages such as Walung can be reached only by boat. Here people go about their daily lives without cars or electricity. They commute at high tide and must live both from and with the sea.

Kosrae's diving is best known for its pristine reefs, tropical fish, invertebrates and dolphin encounters. WWII wrecks to submarine cave formations and pristine hard coral reefs also lend to the island's adventurous reputation.

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