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Mere words can't express the sense of adventure and peace, and the impression that is Micronesia. In reality, it's so many different places, all joined by a people, an overwhelming natural beauty and the magical touch of the sun.
The 2,147 islands of Micronesia are scattered over three million square miles of the North Pacific. Together they total just 717 square miles of land. They are places defined by the sky and the sea, with cultures that, over thousands of years, have adapted brilliant ways of surviving and thriving.

When you visit the islands of Micronesia, you'll find high lush volcanic islands, low sand and palm strewn atolls and miniscule mushroom-shaped limestone islets. You'll meet islanders who have developed diverse cultural traditions and perfected the art of living well within their environment. Underwater you'll experience teeming reefs filled with intricate corals and technicolor fish.

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