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Arriving at the airport on Majuro, you quickly realize you have reached a different world and time. The thin landing strip is surrounded on all sides by blue ocean that stretches to the horizon in every direction. A long road snakes between the open ocean on one side, and a huge lagoon surrounded by a circular ring of white-edged islands on the other. There are virtually no other tourists. And, there's little to separate you from experiencing island life like has always been.

Majuro is the Marshalls political and economic center. It is just a sandy spit of land, but what the atoll lacks in elevation and vegetation, it makes up for in coral formation. By nature, atolls have the oldest, and therefore often the largest concentrations of coral reefs. Coral reefs mean little fish; little fish mean bigger fish; bigger fish mean marlin, tuna, Mahi-mahi, Wahoo and sharks. Majuro's virgin reefs are comprised of stunning Staghorn, Lettuce, Mushroom and other fragile hard corals.

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