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    More than 300 islands, sitting in a blue and turquoise lagoon, all encircled by a complex, living reef, make up Palau. There are few places in the world more dramatically beautiful. The islands, with their thick, rain-forest vegetation, hide waterfalls and deep caverns. Birds of many varieties wing their way through the skies over the lagoon and clamor noisily where they nest on steep hillsides.

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Peleliu Corner Peleliu Wall Peleliu Express Yellow Wall Turtle Cove New Drop-Off Blue Corner Manta Cleaning Station Jellyfish Lake Clam City Ngemelis Wall, Big Drop-Off

Visitors can discover Palau's centuries old culture and archeological sites on Babeldoab Island. On Peleliu, relive one of the Pacific's most historic battles of WWII. Experience the unmatched beauty of Palau's rain forests and rivers on an overland tour. Kayak over clear blue waters through the magical, emerald green rock islands, in search of hidden marine lakes.

It is all here: ancient monoliths, stone money, WWII war relics, waterfalls, pitcher plants and orchids, a relaxed culture, sportfishing, crystal clear waters filled with marine life, stingless jellyfish in inland lakes and so much more. It's a place where the unusual is ordinary and adventures beckon around every corner.

For a more in-depth look at the diving of Palau, go to Skin Diver Online's Palau Destination Guide.

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