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Pohnpei's peaks get plenty of rainfall annually, creating many rivers that feed the lush upper rain forest. Its waterfalls offer a refreshing and breathtaking experience for hikers, and there are camping areas at some sites. This host to the nation's capital has much to offer the visiting nature lover, explorer and hiker.

The fishing and diving around the island is superb. Surrounded largely by rich mangrove forests, Pohnpei's jagged coastline is intersected by numerous channels that carry nutrients into the vast lagoon. These nutrients attract marine life and make Pohnpei one of the most varied marine environments in Micronesia.

Photo/Astrid Witte and Casey Mahaney
A short boat trip can be made to two neighboring atolls, Ant and Pakin, which exude the aura of paradise unspoiled. Here, the true meaning of pristine diving comes to the fore. Whether it be riding a raging current out to sea through an island pass or exploring a deep fan-laden chasm, the atolls are a fantastic experience.

Pohnpei's people offer a look at family life island-style. Communities come together to weave a new boat house or do the daily wash. Kids frolic in the water of the rivers that flow past the villages.
Pohnpei is also home to Nan Madol, a fortress that was built more than one thousand years ago out of huge basalt logs.

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