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The people of Rota have long believed that the conservation of their forefather's land is a sacred responsibility. This commitment to nature, combined with the manageable population of approximately 3,000, has enabled Rota to retain natural jungles, protect its pure spring water source and to maintain a tropical paradise.
Rota is a small speck of an island that juts up from the sea to a high, green crest. For the Asian visitor, Rota is a close international resort getaway, and for visitors from North America and Europe, Rota is a reminder of the kind of paradise that has almost ceased to exist in the modern world.

Rota offers everything hoped for to visitors on an island holiday. During the weekday, the beaches are quiet and peaceful, and it is not uncommon for some visitors to have the beach all to themselves. For golfers, the opening of the Rota Resort & Country Club in 1995 introduced championship golf to Rota.

Jungle hikes, reef-walking, and dives on wrecks and a grotto, with abundant marine life are Rota's excitement. Flat, table reefs line the base of the cliffs and the water offshore is clear and pure, with the visibility usually discussed in terms of hundreds of feet.

Rota's quiet, untouched nature and distance from the real world are its overwhelming impressions.

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