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The beautiful island of Tinian enjoys unique distinctions in the histories of ancient Chamorro civilization, World War II and that of modern day Micronesia.

The high chief of all ancient Chamorros, Chief Taga, is believed to have resided on Tinian when he ruled all of the Marianas. Just off Kammer Beach in San Jose Village, the largest latte stones ever discovered are the remains of a Taga House. A very photogenic and inspirational spot, Taga Park is a popular stop for most visitors to Tinian.

During the final year of WWII, the North Field complex on Tinian became the busiest airport in the world as the devastating bombings of Japan were carried out night and day. It was here at North Field that the Enola Gay and its secret weapon cargo lifted off and set a course for Hiroshima, Japan.

Tinian is the only jurisdiction to legalize casino gambling. The first of five large Las Vegas style casinos, the Tinian Dynasty, opened in the summer of 1998. In addition to major casino gaming and plush beachside accommodations, the Dynasty and four succeeding casino resorts are bringing such attractions to Tinian as headliner entertainment, golf courses, water parks and a new marina.

The clear waters surrounding Tinian offer excellent diving on reef sites and a WWII dumping ground.

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