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The small island group of Yap juts up from the rolling Pacific. Its green hills, surrounded by a fringing reef and mile after mile of mangrove lined bays, in many ways have been little touched by the march of time.

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Yap conjures images of stone men's houses, sailing canoes, legendary navigators, mysticism and intrigue. Until recently, Yap has been inaccessible to visitors, remaining pristine and untouched, with the culture, language and traditions still intact and visible on a daily basis. Yap today is Micronesia as it used to be. There is virtually no development; there are still village chiefs, a caste system and an ancient currency built around huge disks of stone. Carved from the rock islands of Palau and transported over 300 miles of open ocean in sailing canoes, these disks are still in use today, with their value determined by size, shape and the difficulty of acquisition.

A visit to Yap, then, is a quiet cultural experience, with the opportunity to see Micronesia at its roots: friendly people, shy, yet welcoming; traditional dress; ages old dances and songs, preserved and performed by successive generations of children.

For divers, there is a pristine marine world, scarcely explored, yet profound in what has been discovered. Every day the combination of plankton, tide and current sets the stage for an undersea ballet featuring some of the ocean's largest creatures: Manta Rays.


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